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Conibear or body grip kill traps, body kill traps, poison baits, and many snap kill traps for raccoons, ground hogs, woodchucks, gophers, moles, mice, rats, and rodents.

Little Killer Squirrel Trap
left_img Little Killer Squirrel Trap: This is a choker style trap that is made mostly of wood. Very effective on smaller squirrels but works for all squirrels. Can be set on vertical and horizontal surfaces. No tools required to set. Just put the bait in the bait depression located in the front of the trap and set. NOTE: These traps are not meant to be left outside in the elements.
Price: $29.00 Stock #: LKST
Ultimate Killer Trap IN STOCK
Ultimate Squirrel Kill Trap
Ultimate squirrel kill trap. Kania 2000. Easy to set, bait and use, no special tools needed. Can be nailed to trees, roofs etc... Kills quickly and humanely. Trap is made of galvanized steel and will last for years. Can also be used on mink, marten, and similar sized animals. Without a doubt the best trap on the market. For best results use with Barons Brand Squirrel Butter Bait, this bait will not go rancid like ordinary peanut butter will.
Price: $74.50 Stock #: Kan
Ultimate Squirrel Special IN STOCK
left_img This special includes one Ultimate Squirrel trap, 1 - 6oz. Squirrel Butter, and 1 6oz. Squirrel Jelly. for only $83.95 A SUPER Deal! right_img
Price: $83.95 Stock #: Kan2
0631 Victor Out-O-Sight mole trap
left_img 0631... Victor Out-O-Sight mole trap. This is a scissor type trap especially effective for western moles because it can be set in sandy soil. The trap features malleable iron jaws for superior strength and long life. Setting levers are included. It is fully assembled and comes with complete instructions. Protect your lawn, gardens, shrubbery, drain fields and other outdoor areas from the damage moles can cause.
Price: $9.95 Stock #: 0631
NoMol Mole Trap
left_img NoMol Mole Traps. 4 traps come per box. Very easy to use. Comes with easy to follow directions. Traps are actually set below ground so you can mow your lawn hassle free. These traps can also be used for other burrowing animals of similar size like voles, ground squirrels, or chipmunks.
Price: $22.95 Stock #: 0615
Mole Control Book
left_img Mole Control by Washington State Trappers Association (book). This is the complete mole book. A real do it your self guide on mole control, includes mole biology, what they eat, and daily activity as well as how to remove them.
Price: $9.95 Stock #: BK1
0610 Victor Gopher Trap
left_img 0610... Victor Gopher Trap is a sturdy, quick-action trap-Used by government agencies in POCKET GOPHER control-Fully assembled- easy to use.
Price: $4.50 Stock #: 0610
Cinch Sure Gopher Trap
left_img Cinch sure gopher trap is approved by the U.S. Forest Service for gopher control. Probably the best trap on the market for gophers.
Price: $13.25 Stock #: goph-tp
110 Body Trap
left_img 110 Conibear body grip trap. For muskrats, mink, rabbits, squirrels and similar sized animals. No baiting required. A kill trap designed for use on muskrats, mink, rabbits, squirrels and similar sized animals. Simply place the trap over the burrow so that the animal must pass through it. 4.5 x 4.5 inch opening. Use the 0963 Safety Gripper for safe handling and placing of the trap. For the results you want, use this trap!
Price: $4.15 Stock #: 110d
160 Body Trap
left_img 160 Conibear body grip trap. For raccoons, woodchucks, rabbits and similar sized animals. No baiting required! This trap is designed to be placed over an entrance hole and the trap is sprung when the animal enters or leaves. Can also be placed in the animals line of travel. For use with rabbits, woodchucks, groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, skunks and similar sized animals. 6x6 inch opening. For safe handling use with the 0963 Safety Gripper, this allows you to put the trap in place without setting it off. This trap is strong and may be hard for some to set by hand. If you think you may have trouble setting any of the body grip traps use the GEM Body Grip Trap Setter.
Price: $8.49 Stock #: 160d
220 Body Trap
left_img 220 Conibear body grip trap. For raccoons, otters, woodchucks and similar sized animals. A kill type trap that is placed in runways or over burrow holes allowing the animal to move through the trap thus capturing it. Use on raccoons, skunks, otters, fishers, opossums, and similar sized animals. Please use this trap with caution and keep out of areas that pets or children frequent. For safe setting and handling use with the 0963 Safety Grippers and the GEM Body Grip Trap Setters. (This is a very strong trap you will most likely not be able to set by hand). 7x7 inch opening. Comes with directions, simple and very effective!
Price: $10.89 Stock #: 220d
330 Body Trap
left_img 330 Conibear body grip trap. For beaver, otter, nutrea and similar sized animals. A kill trap that is used by placing it in runways or over den holes. One word of caution, in most states it is only legal to use this trap under water. It has a 10x10 inch opening. The GEM Body Grip Trap Setter and 0963 Safety Gripper for safe handling are highly recommended! This is a very strong trap! Comes with directions for setting.
Price: $18.24 Stock #: 330d
Body Grip trap setter
left_img The GEM Trap Setter for body gripping traps should be used by anyone that is unfamiliar with setting traps. Will set all sizes of the body gripping traps. 110d, 160d, 220d, and the 330d. Easy to use, strong, lightweight, affordable and will last a life-time. See Safety Gripper also for safety in placing traps. right_img
Price: $13.95 Stock #: GEM
Safety Gripper
left_img Safety gripper. For safety when using Conibear/body gripping kill traps. Once body traps are set this item allows you to handle the trap safely until it is positioned. Use with the 110d, 160d, 220d, and the 330d. This item is highly recommended for people not familiar with these traps or when they are to be positioned in difficult or low visibility areas. At this low price it definitely pays to be safe. right_img
Price: $6.15 Stock #: 0963
Using Body Grip Traps:Successful Conibear Trapping
left_img Successful Conibear Trapping by V.E.Tingley Guide to using Body Gripping Traps successfully. A complete book with 22 sketches and photos of sets used by conibear experts, each on explained in detail.
Price: $5.25 Stock #: BK7
Body Gripping trap supporter
left_img Body gripping trap supporter. This supporter easily twists in by hand into wood and when the trap is attached it will hold the trap in place needing no other supports. The SC1C is for trap sizes 110, 120, 160, and 220. Total length is 1.75 inches. right_img
Price: $2.33 Stock #: CS1C
Body Gripping trap supporter
left_img Body gripping trap supporter. Same as the CS1C except this support is for trap sizes 330. total length 1.75 inches
Price: $2.59 Stock #: CS3C
Body Gripping trap supporter
left_img Body gripping trap supporter. This support screws in easily to wood. and once the trap is attached it will hold trap firmly in place needing no other support. This support is 4 inches in length and works for trap sizes 110, 120, 160, 220. right_img
Price: $2.33 Stock #: CS1B
Body Gripping trap supporter
left_img Body gripping trap supporter. Same as the CS1B except this one is for trap sizes 330. total length 4 inches long.
Price: $2.59 Stock #: CS3B
Body Gripping trap supporter
left_img Body gripping trap supporter. This support is pushed into the ground and will support the trap firmly in place when attached. Used for trap sizes 110, 120, 160, 220. Total length is 12 inches. right_img
Price: $2.65 Stock #: CS1A
110 Body Grip Bracket
left_img 110 Barkers Body Grip Mounting Bracket. The Body grip Mount is a steel bracket that is used to hold Body Grip Type Traps. Use by nailing bracket to the ground where you want to locate the trap, a limb, log, tree, board, or stake. It holds the body grip so it won't tip, twist, slide sidewise, fall over, or be knocked over. Set the trap -- closing the jaws on the Body grip Mount to hold it solidly in place until the trap is fired. Reset the trap after a catch in seconds.
Price: $1.50 Stock #: BBM-1
Mouse Snap Traps
left_img Victor Mouse Snap Trap(two pack) Most common mouse trap on the market used by thousands of home owners and pest control professionals. Pre-baited, easy to set. Positioned with the oversize \"cheese\" trigger facing the wall, they fire when a hungry mouse steps on the trigger, which is adjustable for firm or sensitive settings.
Price: $1.55 Stock #: MT2
Rat Snap Trap
left_img Victor Rat Snap Trap. This trap is commonly used by pest control professionals and thousands of homeowners. Very easy to use, comes with directions. Also a great chipmunk and weasel trap.
Price: $1.95 Stock #: RT1
Muskrat Colony Trap
left_img Muskrat Colony Traps are used in muskrat runs or over submerged holes and will catch several muskrats before having to remove them. 24 inches long with 7 inch opening.
Price: $15.95 Stock #: CTP24
Victor Mouse Glue Trap
left_img Replacement glue traps for cardboard snake trap. only 49 cents each. Can also be used for rodents, cockroaches, spiders and other insects.
Price: $0.49 Stock #: Vicgt
Stick-All Glue Traps
left_img Stick-All Glue Traps. 4 pack. Used by themselves or in the Stick-All rodent and insect trap. All come prebaited and ready to use just peel off protective paper. No harmful chemicals or poisons.
Price: $3.50 Stock #: Glu4
Pantry Bug Trap
left_img Revenge Pantry Bug Trap(two pack). Non toxic and odorless, attracts and captures pantry moths. Can be placed next to foodstuffs, lasts for 3 months. Very effective. Each trap uses a special moth pheromone that excites male moths. By trapping male moths, mating is disrupted and egg laying ceases. Continued use of the traps ensures any earlier laid eggs will be caught when they emerge as adults. For Kitchens, Cupboards, Pet Food and Bird Seed. 2 traps and 2 natural sex lures in 1 package.
Price: $4.95 Stock #: PBT1