Animal Control Products



Bird audible repellents designed to frighten or scare birds from problem area

Quadblaster 4
left_img Quadblaster 4 is the newest generation in ultrasonic bird repellers. This is the most efficient, convenient and cost-effective way to drive birds out of enclosed or semi-enclosed areas. Birds can't stand it and people can't hear it! Four speakers send overlapping sound in all directions, routing birds from infestations.
Price: $495.00 Stock #: QB-4
Balcony Guard
left_img Electronic bird control device repels pest birds in small outdoor/semi-enclosed spaces using ultrasonic frequencies. Ultrasonic – emits sound frequencies that are silent to most humans Motion-activated – built-in motion sensor activates when birds move into coverage area Continuous operation – repels birds with 24/7 output Weather Resistant – casing is designed to withstand outdoor use (rain cover included) Dual Power Modes: AC or batteries Extremely Easy to Control: Volume control Range Select Continuous or Motion-Activate
Price: $129.00 Stock #: BGX
Goose Buster Pro
left_img GooseBuster PRO protects areas up to 1 acre from both migratory & non-migratory Canada geese, ducks, & other waterfowl. The single-speaker version of our original GooseBuster® is here! This unique system was developed using decades of scientific research involving the behaviors & vocal communications of Canada geese. This system employs authentic goose alert & alarm calls recorded in the wild & are still the only such recordings in existence. Extremely effective in reducing & eliminating geese Audio makes areas uninhabitable for geese Geese learn not to return through behavior modification Customizable settings, completely humane Covers up to 1.5 acre per unit; pairing units covers 4-6 acres.
Price: $325.00 Stock #: GBPX
Bird-X Peller Pro
left_img BirdXPeller Pro keeps birds from infesting large open areas-up to one acre. Uses birds' own distress calls to create a "danger zone"Bird-X Peller Pro comes in two different models the Pro-1 and the Pro-2. Please specify when ordering. Model 1 is for pigeons, swallows, gulls, and woodpeckers. Model 2 is for crows, blackbirds, and geese.
Price: $269.00 Stock #: BXP
Transonic XL
left_img Transonic XL. This Best-Selling electronic repeller couldn't be simpler - just plug the device in to repel rodents, bats, spiders, & more. Combines both sonic (audible) & ultrasonic (silent-to-most-humans) sound waves. No chemicals, no traps - humane, green, safe solution Sounds disrupt pests' communication, feeding habits, & habitat Five custom settings available, Easy to operate Simple, discreet, cost-effective solution Safe to use around children & pets Covers up to 3,500 sq. ft
Price: $95.00 Stock #: TRNS
Goose Chaser
left_img Goose Chaser: Fun, Easy and Very Effective way to chase, scare, or deter geese from your pond or yard. Remove your problem geese quickly. Cost of shipping included. (continental US only)
Price: $2200.00 Stock #: GC 20