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Specials on live traps and other traps. Specials on traps for squirrels, moles, bats, and other discounts or specials.

Squirrel Special - Two
left_img Squirrel Special-One. Includes 1 squirrel livetrap #50063, 1-6oz. Squirrel Butter, and 1-6oz. Squirrel Jelly Bait. For those who have not been able to find how squirrels are entering a building we recommend this package. Only $49.99 plus shipping and handling. right_img
Price: $49.99 Special! Stock #: SPC1
Raccoon Special
left_img Raccoon Special includes 1 raccoon live trap #51690, 1-6oz. Raccoon Candy bait and 1-6oz. Raccoon Jam bait. These are two baits that raccoons can't resist! Only $49.99 plus postage and handling. right_img
Price: $49.99 Special! Stock #: SRS
Rabbit Blaster Special
left_img Special: One 2.5 lb Rabbit Blaster and one Garden Protector. The Rabbit "one two" punch. Natural, organic way to keep rabbits out of your garden or flower beds. This really works! Use according to directions! right_img
Price: $24.99 Stock #: RB2.0sp
Rabbit Special
left_img Rabbit Special includes 1 livetrap #51690, 1-6oz. Rabbit Magic bait. Only $47.95. Use Rabbit Magic Bait inside the trap to attract rabbits. right_img
Price: $54.00 Special! Stock #: RSP
Groundhog or Woodchuck special
left_img This package contains 1 live trap #51690, 1-6oz. Woodchuck Salad bait, and 1-4oz. Groundhog Heaven lure. Only $51.95. For best results set trap near animal activity, put a teaspoon of Woodchuck Salad on a cabbage leaf in the rear of the trap and dribble a trail of the Groundhog Heaven into the trap from the woodchuck's hole. They can't resist the smell and will soon be in the trap,captured safely and humanely. right_img
Price: $51.95 Special! Stock #: WSP
Ultimate Squirrel Special IN STOCK
left_img This special includes one Ultimate Squirrel trap, 1 - 6oz. Squirrel Butter, and 1 6oz. Squirrel Jelly. for only $81.95 A SUPER Deal! right_img
Price: $81.95 Stock #: Kan2