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Snares, foot traps, and other animal live traps. Snares for live trapping, foot live traps and other live animal/wildlife traps. fox foot hold traps, coyote snares, and animal capture devices.

Muskrat Colony Trap
left_img Muskrat Colony Traps are used in muskrat runs or over submerged holes and will catch several muskrats before having to remove them. 24 inches long with 7 inch opening.
Price: $15.95 Stock #: CTP24
Setting a Live Beaver Trap
left_img BTInstr...Setting a Live Beaver Trap (DVD)
Price: $9.95 Stock #: BTInstr
Dog Proof Trap
left_img Dog Proof Trap. Easy to use foot trap for raccoons. This is possibly the most effective raccoon trap on the market. Features heavy duty machine chain with swivels attached. This trap comes equipped with a stake attached directly to the bottom of the trap. Set it, stake it and forget it. It's that simple. Features heavy duty coil-springs and trigger system. The trap is equipped with a "pull" only trigger. When a raccoon reaches in to grab and pull the bait out of the tube it will fire the trap. We like to use marshmallows with a drop of raccoon candy on it, drop it in and you will catch raccoons like crazy!
Price: $19.00 Stock #: DPtrap
DP Trap Setter
left_img Dog Proof Trap Setter 1 each. This setter is make specifically for the Dog Proof Trap. It allows the operator to hold down the spring while the trap trigger is set.
Price: $5.50 Stock #: DPS
Victor Mouse Glue Trap
left_img Replacement glue traps for cardboard snake trap. only 49 cents each. Can also be used for rodents, cockroaches, spiders and other insects.
Price: $0.49 Stock #: Vicgt
CSP Bandit Buster
left_img CSP...Bandit Buster...Raccoon foot Trap CSP Bandit Buster. Lightweight highly effective dog proof trap. Can be placed in the ground horizontally or vertically at creek banks. Simply dig a hole large enough for the trap to fit in and six to eight inches deep. Then put bait in the back of the hold, set and insert trap in the mouth of the hole.
Price: $9.95 Stock #: CSP
Victor Soft Catch Trap #1 1/2
left_img CC 1 1/2...Victor Soft Catch Trap #1 1/2 This Soft Catch Trap can be used for fox, fisher, or raccoon. Has a 5 3/16" jaw spread featuring rubber pads to reduce or eliminate injury to the animals foot.
Price: $15.50 Stock #: CC1.5
Victor Soft Catch Trap #3
left_img CC3...Cushion Catch Foot Trap #3 This Victor Soft Catch Trap can be used for coyote, fox, or bobcat. It features a 5 15/16" jaw spread that has rubber pads to reduce or eliminate injury to the animal.
Price: $20.20 Stock #: CC3
Longspring Trap
left_img long1...Longspring Trap This is a number one longspring trap and is used to catch mink, muskrat, and raccoons in water type sets.
Price: $6.99 Stock #: long1
Collarum Predator Trap
left_img ColCDM...Collarum Predator Trap...Live Trap Collarum Deluxe Model. The collarum is a safe, humane, canine specific capture device. People have taken coyotes from backyards and gardens, problem dogs at a landfill, and coyotes and fox working sheep pastures. This is a cable restraining device that is very unique. Comes with a training video. Use Barons Brand Pot Luck as bait.
Price: $79.95 Stock #: ColCDM
Small Snare
left_img BBS1...Small Snare #1 These snares are 3/64, 7x7 cable, cam snare locks, 30" long with adjustable loop end. Small Snare used for mink, squirrels, muskrats, woodchucks, rabbits and similar sized animals.
Price: $2.10 Stock #: BBS1
Medium Snare
left_img BBS2...Medium Snare Medium Snare used for fox, coyote, raccoon, beaver, and similar sized animals. Cable Restraints- They are 3/32, 7x7 cable, 63" long. cam locks. with adjustable loop end.
Price: $2.25 Stock #: BBS2
Large Snare
left_img BBS3...Large Snare Wolf, Hog Snare, with support collars. 1/8, 7x7, 96" long, with a cam lock and an adjustable loop end.
Price: $2.50 Stock #: BBS3